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Why Invest in Family Photography?

Life is full of beautiful but fleeting moments. One minute you're getting engaged and in the next, you're celebrating your ten year wedding anniversary. One moment you're children are taking their first steps and before you know it, they're driving off to college. Time can be cruel, but photography does what nothing else can: capture those moments in time as physical memories that you can hold and cherish forever. In a way, photography gives back what time steals and makes sure that everything you want to remember will never be forgotten.

Three children standing on the beach hugging.

In this sense, if you're considering investing in family photography I only have one piece of it! It's crucial to preserve what you can, when you can. Plus, there are surprising ways that taking family photos can actually improve your life and mindset. It's true!

  1. Seeing your family boosts dopamine. Dopamine is often called the "happy hormone" because it results in feelings of well-being and security. When we experience something pleasurable, our brains spike in dopamine. As such, when we look at photos of our family, this serves as the pleasure for our brains to react to. In other words, seeing framed photos of you hugging your children or walking with your parents along the beach has been proven to make you happy!

  2. Children feel valued when featured in photos. If you have small children, they will benefit from seeing framed photos of themselves around the house. Children are often looking for praise and acceptance from their parents and loved ones as they navigate their place in the world. Recognizing themselves in photos actually boosts their self esteem and makes them feel valuable and special. They often love to talk about when they took the photos and will point them out a lot to visitors!

  3. Family photos make amazing gifts. Everyone loves to receive gifts, but giving beautiful gifts is even better! Family photos are one of the most asked for presents from older relatives and loved ones because it reminds them of their legacy and who they're related to. Feeling like part of a clan and seeing all the generations of love truly brings joy to people. That's dopamine at work once again!

  4. Photos are preserved memories. I can't say it enough! Sometimes life gets out of control and moments can happen too quickly. Blink and you'll miss them! Getting photos taken of your family or your engagement or your wedding day is truly the proof of ever-lasting love. Generations can look back on those photos and feel the same emotions you did when they were taken. Photos spark conversations and are a great way to relive the most important moments of your life. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving!

A mother and father holding up their infant daughter in a field.

I absolutely believe in investing in family photography for all of these reasons and more! As a photographer, I can see the way delivering beautiful and meaningful galleries to families warms them from the inside. They light up upon seeing their children's happy faces and laugh at the memories of making them. Keep in mind, too, that any photograph of your family is an important one. It doesn't always have to be a professional shoot! Never shy away from taking out your phone or even an old-school disposable camera. You'll never want to miss a moment of your beautiful life!

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