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I believe in so much more than just showing up and taking photos...

I want to make a genuine connection with you. I strive for authentic moments that matter and those little facial expressions that mean the world. Giggles, hand holds, whispers of sweet nothings... these are what elevate my craft from simple photos to cherished memories. I want to build a bond of trust with you and understand how your relationships grew, how your family dynamic works, and how I can best tell your story. Together, I know we'll make something beautiful! 


Your Investment:

All sessions (except for Elopements / Micro Weddings) are priced for one hour. If you wish for a longer or shorter session, please reach out. I'm very flexible!

All sessions include professional counseling from me including access to my personal style guide, suggestions for shooting locations and time, and options for professional printing. You will also receive a private gallery of high-resolution photos that you can download at your will. 

Ready to start our journey together and make something beautiful?


For unforgettable moments with those whom you love the most! Up to ten people for base rate. Please inquire if you'd like to include more loved ones. (*Note: you are always welcome to include the family dog at no charge!)

| Investment begins at $450 


For all the intimate and exciting moments leading up to your big day! Couples have up to one location change (within 20 mins of each other), and one outfit change. You can also absolutely include your pet! 

| Investment begins at $400

Elopement / Micro Wedding

For the intimate, deep, and raw moment of your life where you promise your love to someone. Micro weddings or elopements are beautiful to me and I absolutely relish in their intimacy and uniqueness. Up to 5 hours of coverage. Please inquire for more details. 

 | Investment begins at $1,300


For the everyday moments that matter. Whether it's you and your bestie acting silly, an intimate session between a loving couple, or just you looking for authentic portraits, I'm here for ya! Offered for one or two person(s). 

| Investment begins at $400 


For one of the most exciting and beautiful moments in a mother's life. Expecting mother or parents have up to one location change (within 20 mins of each other), and one outfit change. If this is not your first and you're adding to your family, absolutely include the siblings! 

| Investment begins at $450

Chelsea has been so wonderful to work with! We are a large and ever growing crew and she is incredibly patient with all the kiddos and makes sure that everyone is able to get the photos they were hoping for. She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and patient. Her photos have been such a gift to our family year after year! 

Jennifer Byrne

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