Capturing Love at the Golden Hour

There’s something about that golden hour light that really brings out the best in both the photographer and the subjects. On a warm day in September, about an hour before the sun was ready to set, we ventured out into a field in the picturesque town of Kennebunk, Maine off of historic Summer Street. It seemed like the perfect place to showcase the love that these two humans have for each other. We were alone, and the air was warm and quiet as I got them settled and ready for their shoot. I could tell they were feeling awkward and kind of nervous, so I told them to start by just hugging and holding hands. I know how hard it can be to stand in front of a camera and try to seem natural, so I wanted to make sure that they knew there was no judgement. It was my job to make them look and feel their best but most important of all, I wanted them to have fun. I wanted them to have the kind of fun they feel when they’re together (you know, without a camera in their faces.) I wanted them to laugh and smile and hug and touch and share in intimate kisses. It’s a lot to ask, but I knew we could get there.

“You always gain by giving love.”

-Reese Witherspoon

Eventually, I saw them begin to open up. I told them to whisper secrets into each other’s ears, to tickle each other when they weren’t paying attention, and to try to remember funny stories from their relationship. The more that I focused on their love and less about their poses and the angle the of the light, the more I saw them settle into a comfortable state. Before I knew it, I had two complete pros who might as well have been posing their whole lives. They were absolute bliss to capture and I couldn’t help but share in their laughter and light. When it was all said and done, I couldn’t help but marvel at the pure joy in their faces. Everything about their shoot was so genuine and raw and I feel like that’s perfectly reflected in the photos. You can really feel their love and the comfort that they get from one another as they hung out in that field at sunset. For that hour that we were together, everything was focused on them and despite the initial hesitation, we ended up creating something beautiful and pure. I am so grateful to them for the opportunity to witness their unique and adorable love. After all, my favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing moments and turning them into lifelong memories. 

“When you love someone, you love the whole person, just as he or she is, and not as you would like them to be.” 

-Leo Tolstoy