Mini Snow Session on a Seaside Marsh

I love clients who know what they want. Kristen had so many wonderful ideas going into her shoot that made us both feel confident and ready to dive right in. It was overcast when our boots crunched over the frozen snow of the Kennebunk marsh, and the temperature sat right above freezing. Still, I watched in amazement as Kristen shed her winter coat, wrapped her beautiful plaid scarf around her neck, and pulled her golden hair behind her to fit her hat. She was so excited for this shoot that pure adrenaline and happiness must have kept her warm. I didn’t want to miss a minute. We both jumped right in and what an adventure it turned out to be.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

-Rupi Kaur

Kristen was an absolute natural and such a dream to capture. She needed very little direction and her whole aesthetic fit right into the whimsical seaside setting that we both had envisioned. I love single person shoots because while couples focus all on the love they have for each other (which is a magic in its own right), when it’s just you in front of the camera, it’s all about the love you have for yourself. I will often tell my clients to rub their own arms or stroke their own hair or hug themselves (sounds crazy, I know!) It can be weird at first and sometimes I get the most skeptical of looks sent my way. However, I promise that post photoshoot, your images will look so natural. Loving yourself is not a crime and you should show the same respect and tenderness to your own body as you would to a loved one. Kristen was perfect for this kind of shoot because this girl radiates self-confidence and love. I was so happy to see her so happy with everything she did. She would hug her chest or playfully kick the snow or run her fingers through her hair. I was so grateful for the opportunity to capture her natural beauty and just be a little moon orbiting the gravity of her confidence. I wouldn’t change anything about this mini session; not the cold, not the clouds not the fact that our toes were numb 5 minutes in… everything was perfect. And when it was time to say goodbye, I knew it wouldn’t be the last time we created that kind of gravity!

“A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms.”

ZEN shin